Exhibition & Rights-Sheet Launch!

Londoners! An event for you.

Looking in, looking out’, a photography exhibition by Vera Rodriguez, featuring images of Belgium’s red light district taken from the peep-show where she was working, and, the unveiling of the English Collective of Prostitutes all-new sex worker rights sheet. Knowledge is power; know the fuck out of your rights*. (If you’re in Scotland, SCOT-PEP has the knowledge-sheet to enable you to know the fuck out of your rights up here.)

Located at: Crossroads Women’s Centre, 25 Wolsey Mews, Kentish Town, NW5 2DX. The launch party commences from 6pm on the 3rd of May; the exhibition runs for two weeks. Go! Go go go! I should have read more Geoff Dyer if I wanted to tell you why Vera’s photography is so, so worth going to see; sadly, most of the Geoff Dyer I’ve read focuses on his inability to do any work, not his photography criticism, and so I have no lingo, I have only links. Go to verarodriguez.com and be impressed. 

*This is especially important as no one else will know your rights. A friend of mine was talking to a police officer recently, and established halfway through that this police officer did not know that the sale of sex was legal. Um. Good luck enforcing those laws, yes? The ones that you’ve got off American TV imports.


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