scrapbook-y quickness.

i. “No coarser insult, no baser defamation, can be thrown against the workers than the remark, ‘theoretical controversies are only for intellectuals.’” – Rosa Luxemburg.

ii. There is a party and fun[d]-raiser for the Sex Worker Open University. Which is doing exciting things like holding workshops and becoming a workers co operative (and holding parties). On May 31st. In London. Here are the details. I will probably be there! We can hang out, anonymous internet dwellers! Hmm.


8,000 sex workers took part in this march (titled, “justice for sex worker mothers”) in Maharashtra and Karnataka, India.

vi. And, finally, someone else says “stop policing our morals”, on a Lambeth poster. “Police should get real crime”. I want to write a lot more about “end demand”, especially as I’ve got my paws on a wee propaganda booklet from the Women’s Support Project (a reasonably legit women’s organisation here in Glasgow) that’s all over End Demand like a clingy boyfriend. (It is titled, in srs bsns caps lock, ‘ADULT ENTERTAINMENT … OR EXPLOITATION?’ Oh, I know the answer to this one! Pick me pick me!) They are in horrid l.o.v.e, and it is gross. Sorry. Anyway, I shall be saying more about that when I’ve had less wine. Night, loves.


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