i. Cutiepie Luca is interviewed in Vice, talking about trafficking and the Olympics.

ii. Back while I was observing the deliberations of the Justice Committee, Laura and N were doing rather more important work going round the brothels and saunas of Edinburgh, talking to the employees about the Bill, the consultation, and the on-going activities of Scot-PEP. Laura’s funny, you should definitely go read her report on that.

iii. Kate has written a piece, ‘Notes From a Sex Industry Novice‘ on how she discovered nuance in the sex industry, and quit prohibitionism. For obvious reasons (like, that’s how change happens) I’m interested in the process whereby people alter their opinions – so this was really interesting to me.

iv. Finally, and this isn’t directly related to sex work, but it’s still pretty relevant (and ace): ‘Kony This: Ghana think tank turns the tables on white saviours‘ – ” … the project is brilliant and simple: it’s a global network that collects problems from the “first world” and submits them to think tanks in the “third world”: in Cuba, the think tank is a three-generation family, in El Salvador a rural radio station, in Ghana a group of bike mechanics. The project then returns to the first-world community to implement the suggested solutions.” Incidentally, here’s a good pun in Irish that’ll make you feel super-macaronic, mixing Irish, English, and the language of memes …

(Hint: ‘Cá bhfuil tú i do Kony?’ means ‘where are you from?’ in Irish.)


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