2am links. I can’t sleep, goddamnit!

Pole Dancing and The Olympics, by Edie LaMort. “Who ‘objectifies’ and fetishizes us? It’s not the majority of the customers in the strip pubs. What does that ridiculous word ‘objectification’ even mean?  Some of the bizarre questions and obsessional sanction we get from the prohibitionists verges on a weird kind of voyeurism.”

In Search of Stripper Solidarity, by Rachel Aimee. “But while independent contractor status has delivered a major setback to the strippers’ rights movement, dancers have not given up – they have merely shifted the battle site to courts. Ever since club owners figured out they could make more money by classifying dancers as independent contractors and charging them house fees, dancers across the country have been challenging the legality of this practice by filing lawsuits against individual clubs, claiming that they are employees, not independent contractors, and as such should not be paying to work. Results of these lawsuits vary, but in the majority of cases, courts rule in favor of dancers, who are awarded compensation for the house fees they’ve paid out over the years, as well as the back wages to which they are entitled as employees.”

The Five Hallmarks of Feminist Porn, by Queerlygendered. “The article points out that feminist porn has shifted the focus onto “authentic” sexual pleasure. I find the idea of the “real” somewhat problematic. Like Julie Levin Russo, I believe that, “[t]he idea that porn has a special capacity to transparently reflect the real… is necessarily problematic in its erasure of mediation” (Russo, 240). However, despite my significant side-eye at the idea of “authenticity,” I do think that there’s something here.”

And two non-sex work links: Jacqueline Rose on ‘honour killings’, and reasons to be glad or sad that Louise Mensch is going, from Liberal Conspiracy.


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