Some nice things.

… Because my life is one long holiday, because of that, I’m currently on holiday. Duh. So I can’t update as expansively as I’d like (very expansively), but as I’m feeling generous, here are some nice things.

First, here are some images that I’ve swiped from APNSW – hopefully they won’t mind; go forth and like their Facebook page! – of press dealing with the Sex Workers Freedom Festival that was held recently in Kolkata.

Aaand, here’s some other stuff: from the New Statesman, ‘Why do we let the prudocracy rule our fantasies?‘; from the New Inquiry, ‘Queer, Interrupted‘. Finally, ‘What anti-trafficking advocates can learn from sex workers‘, by Dana Boyd, and and particularly hilarious piece by Laura Augustin: ‘Wannabe secret agents act out fantasies about sex slaves‘. Back soon with a final post on Object!


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