International Sex Workers’ Rights Day, and Confide.

We’re holding a film night at the Centre For Contemporary Arts on Sauchiehall Street to celebrate/mark International Sex Workers’ Rights Day. Which is on the 2nd of June, and yes, our event is on the 7th because reasons. ANYWAY.

Suggested donation for a ticket is £5; doors at 7pm; films start at 7.30pm. We’re showing ‘We Are Foot Soliders’, about the children of sex workers in Sonagachi, and their self-organising; ‘A Kiss For Gabriela’, about the election campaign of Gabriela Leite, a former sex worker and sex worker rights activist, as she tries to get into the Brazilian parliament, and ‘live eXXXpressions’, a short and inspiring documentary about the 2005 ‘Forum Triple X’ gathering of sex workers in Montreal, Canada.

We’re also unveiling CONFIDE, a new sex worker-led community support project. You can read more about Confide on our website, which is HERE, but suffice to say this is very very exciting to be part of. We’d love your support, whether that’s telling us we’re doing okay (or suggestions as to how to do better), spreading the word about us, offering to help in some concrete way, or turning up at the fundraiser on the 7th of June at the CCA and having a lovely time with us. Or ALL OF THE ABOVE.

The venue is accessible.


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