Note to students.

I seem to be getting a relatively high number of requests from students (undergraduates and high schoolers) these days. I genuinely want to chat – I do want to help educate people about sex worker rights, after all. But I have limited capacity: I balance work and activism, both of which can be very time-consuming (perhaps more-so than I sometimes let on via twitter). Plus I obviously want to have A Life: time with friends, with James, with my cats, etc.

If you’re doing an MA or a PhD (or research as a post-doc academic) that seems interesting to me, or if you’re working jointly with a sex worker-led organisation (i.e on a project that they’ve developed in partnership with you, presumably because they think your work will will help them), I am pretty likely to be happy to speak with you for free. Get in touch: twitter is best as first point of contact, and you can drop me a line on glasgowsexworker[@]gmail dot com

If you’re doing any kind of school project or undergraduate study, or MA/PhD/postdoc-research-that-I-don’t-consider-particularly-interesting (sorry! It’s not personal – I mostly mean “interesting” as in “useful for advocacy”; your work can obviously still be good without being within that category!) I’m still happy to speak with you, but I’m gonna charge you £50 for my time. Apologies if that seems a lot – I do want to help, I just don’t want to be exhausted or burnt out, or over-commit myself and then I find I don’t have the time. As above, the best way to get in touch is via twitter initially, and then drop me a line on glasgowsexworker[@]gmail dot com.