ZINE CALL-OUT: a zine about feminist change & self-reflection in politics around the sex trade

Deadline: April 20th, 2016.



  • Submissions are open to all women, and to anyone who is not a woman but who experiences oppression as a woman (eg non-binary and agender people).
  • You don’t have to be a feminist, because obviously many women (or people who experience oppression as women) often have very deliberate reasons for rejecting the ‘feminist’ descriptor. However, this zine is centred on debates within feminism(s) about sex work, so I’m looking for submissions that speak to those debates and that context.
  • I’m mainly looking for submissions from non-sex working feminists, because at least part of the point of this zine is to help other non-sex working feminists shift their sex work politics, so it’s about people who can speak to that experience. But if selling or trading sex or sexual services is or has been part of your experience and you have something you want to contribute, I definitely don’t want to exclude you – you’re also welcome! ❤


  • I’m looking for submissions on the theme of how your politics around sex work have changed. Obviously, if your politics have become more carceral, that’s not what this zine is for 🙂 I am interested in various kinds of ambivalence; I’m interested in revelatory moments and long evolutions and everything in between (or outwith that spectrum!). I’m interested in personal narratives/histories and also in stuff that is not directly tied to recounting an experience you had that changed your mind – just your analysis or your thoughts on the theme.
  • Submissions can academic in style, or very informal, or however you want. They can be a poem or a piece of creative writing. They can be drawings or any other kind of media that can be put into a zine. If you’re writing something, it can be very short (like, three tweets’-worth of text) or pretty long – probably topping out at about 1k words max because printing costs, but if you really want to write something longer, we can chat about it. (In general I think being as specific as you can be is probably good. Can you pin-point a specific conversation, a specific phrase, a specific idea that changed how you saw the issue? Include that! But that’s just a thought and if it’s not relevant to what you want to say, ignore it.)


  • I’m happy for submissions to be anonymous or pseudo-anonymous or for them to be published with your name, twitter, blog, etc etc all included. Just let me know.
  • I can’t pay you (even though #writingworkiswork) because I don’t have any money and this zine isn’t going to make any money. When/if I take it to zine fairs, I’ll sell it at a price that attempts to recoup some of my printing costs, but I’m not envisioning making any kind of profit. If you write something for the zine, I can post you a free copy, and the whole thing will be available as a PDF to read for free online (and anybody who wants to print it out, from the PDF, to distribute, or just to have, is obviously very welcome to do so!).